Daily Thoughts, December 25, 2002
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Certain times of the year bring out the best and worst in people, often in the same space of time. I wish I could say, or even suggest, that I was above it all, that somehow I was so in control of my emotions and energy level that I responded to life in an smooth, grace calculated way. If I ever had any illusions of this dream state my reactions in the recent past to those I hold dearest to my heart has quick cleared the fog! It is ironic how the very things that seem important are not and the things that we pay the least attention to really are!

I set myself up for the classic fall. If one was to look on the first floor of the house you would find computers everywhere, wires running between two rooms, software stacked everywhere, and nothing completely working right! Eight hours of sweat hasn’t made much of a dent, though there are some small signs of progress. So far everyone has kept their humor and bright spirits; except for my eruptions! So is it worth it; perhaps if I catch myself in time. And that is the difficult part of it all.

The blunt reality of things is that “it takes more than talk to keep workers in line; mere words go in one ear and out the other,” (Proverbs 29.19) it takes real living to make the difference! Reality often bites us if we let it. Sometimes this is rather painful but I am increasingly convinced that the process is actually a good thing. Who really wants to go through life missing out on the only things that one will remember a few years from now?

Time if far too short to lose sight of how fragile everything is around us. One merely needs to wake up to loosen the chance of bad things coming from one’s blind side. Yet the gloom is easily overcome with awesome beauty, love, and goodness if we set of priorities and values correctly. Therein rests the challenge and opportunity.

December 24, 2002
December 26, 2002