Daily Thoughts, December 31, 2002
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Little kids struggle to know what makes them important and valuable to society. It almost seems as if the last act of bravado, or time of model behavior defines the image that they have of themselves which is in turn based on the reaction anticipate from the adults in their lives. As time progresses one often assumes that this is a “stage” in life that one will grow from. I can easily see how the criteria changes however the fundamental need to determine self esteem by anticipate and measure one’s standing with the people remains. If there is any doubt, just observe writers, actors, politicians, business leaders, or even spouses who choose to work at home.

We are all subject to the changing whims of how people perceive us. The blunt fact is that “the fear of human opinion disables; trusting in GOD protects you from that.” (Proverbs 29.25) This is clearly easy to say, hard to do. Additionally if our self esteem is not going to be based on human opinion, where is it going to find a foundation? Human opinion has a role in your life and mine. What is it?

Great leaders and people of history seem to have been immune to the opinion of the moment. Often they were not accepted by the public at large but that didn’t seem to deter them from their mission in life.

People that rose to real leadership positions in society were often rebels of one type or another. Pleasing others was not nearly as important as standing up for what they believed was right and just.

While history says one thing, the world around us behaves quite differently. The answer lies in Wisdom’s words.

Confidence in the future comes from God’s actions not ours.

Fear is based on uncertainty and decision not in love. God is certain, in love, and with us.

Our value is measured on God’s standard, not opinions that shift moment to moment.

You may not know it, but you are truly priceless. The questions lie in our acceptance of this fact.

December 30, 2002
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