Daily Thoughts, November 1, 2004
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I would love to say that I act with purpose, conviction, and clarity.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  There are moments where I am not even sure what I think I am doing, much less what is actually underway.  I am not alone.  Check the tabloids, especially the English ones, and you will find far too many details of those who have lost their sense of direction.  Gambling, lost relationships, drug enhancers, pill escapers, and substance queens all make the regular headlines.  It would appear that there is little chance of going a day without someone new joining the crowd!
Even the struggle to know and experience one’s personal goals is crowded, dark, and murky.  You can see politicians trying to keep their focus while often falling short of the mark.  Business men and women find themselves so caught up in the competition they forget what it means to win.  Everyone struggles for their purpose and when they find it they often do not know how to hold onto the jewel they have in their grasp. 
I sound like I am depressed and trying to get you into that space if you are not already.  Actually I am quite positive!  We are in deep junk but there is hope.  We have a God who loves us passionately, without reservation, and in ways defying any and all logic.  When questioned, God’s Son stated his purpose as follows.
“I came into the world to bring everything into the clear light of day, making all the distinctions clear, so that those who have never seen will see, and those who have made a great pretense of seeing will be exposed as blind.”  (John 9.39) 
I can confirm the reality of this statement.  I never seen completely, but good versus evil, justice versus mercy, and self versus community are clear, absolutely, completely, and transparently clear.  The same experience is open for all of us. 
Two questions remain for our consideration.  What will be our purpose?  Will we pass on light or hide it?  The answer is today’s mission.

October 31, 2004
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