Daily Thoughts, November 9, 2004
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Knowing “why” is important.  Why is a golfer obsessed about playing golf?  For the best in the world, it isn’t about money.  Can you imagine practicing six to eight hours a day, everyday?  The best do and enjoy it year after year.  While I love golf, I would not love doing it all day, everyday.  So I wonder; what my obsession is and why?  Is it the pursuit of money, power, or status?  Does “winning” actually interest me?  Could the thought of competing at the highest levels be something within the realm of my imagination? 
I find people of all ages falling into one of two camps.  The first camp is reluctant to compete.  Something about competition, intensity, or the chance they might fail brings a reluctance to step into the game.  The solution for people in this camp is to cruise.  Work hard, be moderately successful but never go for being the best at what one does.  The alternative is to compete and compete without regard for one’s self.  Balance does not tend to figure in this approach.  It is either all or nothing!
To both sides I offer a few simple questions for consideration.  Why do you do what you do?  Is your work one of the heart?  If not, what does your heart desire?  Is there a link between your heart’s desire and Divinity?  Do you want there to be a link?
Far too often we try to disconnect the thirst of our hearts from our passion.  It does in odd ways.  The harsh reality is that when our heart and passion are not connected everyone, our self included, knows that “a hired man is not a real shepherd.  The sheep mean nothing to him.  He sees a wolf come and runs for it, leaving the sheep to be ravaged and scattered by the wolf.  He's only in it for the money.  The sheep don't matter to him.”  (John 10.12, 13)
Answering the “why” is at the heart of discovering who “we” are.  Today is an opportunity to connect our hearts with Divinity.

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