Daily Thoughts, November 21, 2004
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I listen to lots of ideas on how one can respond to this situation or that.  Given the variations of settings, types of problems and opportunities, and people involved, one could easily assume that there would be little to no apparent linkage.  In reality there is far more linkage than I care to admit.  It is as if everything in my life, personal, relationship, and corporate has come to a shared fork in the road.  I find myself in a repeating time and place, facing questions that are, for me, variations on a theme. 
What do I find in common?  First, I have no idea of what is the “right” or “best” decision.  The answers are neither obvious or text book.  My faith and beliefs help inform me but they do not give a prescriptive answer.  Second, the response of those involved to date does not give any indication the future will be filled with healthy relationships.  On many fronts the opposite leading indicators exist.  Third, I can sense the answer Divinity would recognize will be simple yet it will not necessarily deal with my fears, uncertainties, or doubts.
It is helpful to know that others may not respond positively.  There is no automatic link between good decision and healthy responses.  Even in days of old the paradox was obvious.  After reaching out yet again, “the Jews picked up rocks to throw at him.  Jesus said, ‘I have made a present to you from the Father of a great many good actions.  For which of these acts do you stone me?’”  (John 10.31, 32)  This could easily be a variation of my story in the days and months to come.
Yet in spite or maybe because of this, the next steps are easily to discern.  Take one merciful, compassion filled, and love centric step at a time.  Resolve to keep one’s heart in order, focused on God’s heart and purpose.  Be courageous and know that the battle will continue for some time.  Know and act as one with God.  This is, after all, our true purpose.

November 20, 2004
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