Daily Thoughts, November 25, 2004
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Perfect moments come for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it is due to the individual.  Everything going into making the individual good at their sport comes together at the magical moment of competitive execution.  A presentation, memo, or meeting captures someone in the peak of his or her stride.  The magical photograph, drawing, or writing reflects a connection which in turn inspires anyone privileged enough to be witness.  It is as if Divinity inspired, coached, and then motivated before and during the perfect moment.  For a brief instance nothing else mattered.  There were no pressures, distractions, and pending to-dos.  Yesterday’s battles remained in a distant memory.  Tomorrow’s fears were being addressed by someone strong enough to win.  There was just now, this moment, and it was divine.
I can think and remember a few perfect moments.  I wish life was a simple string of these moments, linked one after the other.  They would be always closely bound together.  In my dreams time always morphs into a unending ribbon of Divine connections and perfect realization. 
I will not try to speak for you.  My life is anything but a series of perfect moments.  I am buried in deadlines.  There is an unquenchable stack of things I would like to do, places I would like to experience, and people I want and need to spend time.  The list of unfinished projects is beyond my ability to summarize and I haven’t even begun to ask Cherry what I forgot!
As I read the paper and look in the mirror I find everyone trying to orchestrate perfect moments.  Even in Jesus time his enemies did the same thing!  History records that “they tried yet again to arrest him, but he slipped through their fingers.”  (John 10.39) 
The opportunity for you and I today is to live in the grace of just one moment.  Live where only the present matters.  I learned yesterday’s lessons so guilt has no role in this moment.  I know God has tomorrow, my fears rests safely in Divinity’s hands.  There is just now; it is time.

November 24, 2004
November 26, 2004