Daily Thoughts, November 26, 2004
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What does it take to turn someone opinion?  Sometimes it is a simple phrase or a way a demonstrating one’s conviction through action.  The former could be a simple phrase of conviction or a few words that became a haunting gaffe.  I imagine this often combines a politicians dream and nightmare in the same scene.  They have no control, it just is.  The reaction that gave birth to the words came from the heart not the mind.  As soon as the sounds formed the damage controlled process began. 
Recently a simple explanation of a gaffe was the “thing” turning my established view on its head.  I know everyone says things he or she doesn’t really understand.  After the words are uttered, they realize they do not reflect their true intent.  What happens next is often a turn.  When the correction says “I didn’t mean that”, the listener pauses.  “If I did mean that I now realize how stupid/dumb/idiotic the words are.  My intent was and is;” a heart considered explanation follows.  What happens next reflects a critical fork.  The first words were from the heart.  The second were from the heart and mind.  If the first were questionable and possibly terrible repeating them with thought is even worse!  Within a short time I had both extremes occur in my life. 
The first turn establish a solid foundation as someone turned a gaffe into a statement of concern, compassion, and belief.  The second turn took a gaffe and made it even worse!  Both caused me to look at the situation around me in very different ways.
For people in Jesus’ day it was his walk over time which changed their view of John and himself.  One writer notes that Jesus “went back across the Jordan to the place where John first baptized, and stayed there.  A lot of people followed him over.  They were saying,  ‘John did no miracles, but everything he said about this man has come true.’  Many believed in him then and there.”  (John 10.40-42) 
Do you realize how you are turning people today?

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