Daily Thoughts, November 29, 2004
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It is almost too easy to assume that someone knows what you are thinking.  It is as if everyone presumes a conversation will, has, or is going to occur.  “If it was important I would know”, “If something had happened I would have been told”, “If things are going that way I am sure he/she is on the way to tell me”.  Obviously we believe in both the relationships and the intent of those involved.  The idea of silence and a time of non-communication is not seriously considered.  It just couldn’t be possible.  Yet, we all have moments where we forget.  Something important is not shared.  A critical thing remains unknown.  A link in the chain stays hidden.  The conversation did not happen. 
I find these moments usually occur with those closest to my heart.  Obviously it isn’t intentional, yet there can be no viable explanation to explain the missing link.  When one see the right type of conversation occurring one is reminded of all things important.  In an old story John notes the response of Jesus friends to one of life’s twists; “the sisters sent word to Jesus, ‘Master, the one you love so very much is sick.’”  (John 11.3)  Keep everyone in the loop, take proactive steps, and trust in the characters you know and love.
When I think of those around me I wonder if I have taken the time to take care of business.  Do those close to my heart know that I love them?  Have I simply assumed instead of saying the simple words “I love you” in the right time and place.  Have I shared the things of my heart with those involved in my life?  If not how can I expect them to react to the events of life with empathy and compassion?  Did I alert people to events which in turn presented opportunities for them to act?
As obvious as these questions are I find myself facing one I often forget.  Did I tell God or simply assume?  Without a conversation how do I know that God knows?

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