Daily Thoughts, October 13, 2005
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The wind is pouring in from the northeast.  Traveling with the wind are sheet after sheet of rain, unfolding in a vertical waves reminiscent of a fresh sheet floating towards the waiting mattress.  Unlike a freshly made bed there seems to be no end of the process.  I find myself checking to see how soaked I am just watching and waiting for it to end.  It is truly miserable outside. 
There is an automatic assumption of a linkage between stormy weather, relentless rain, and overcast skies and a melancholy mood.  I do feel extraordinarily sympathetic to anyone who is required to be out in the elements.  Yet overall I find the resiliency of New Yorkers echoing in my soul.  It is a tough world out there but I am not going to let it dominate my heart and mind!  Things can be difficult, dangerous even, but this is a part of life so let’s get on with it!  Taking the leap into the unknown is a risk; with great risk travels great opportunity and possibility.
I find encouragement in the hope filled eyes of the older Chinese woman struggling against the odds.  I find strength in the excitement of the kids, their determination etched on the face and in their eyes, as they run for their destinations.  I find possibilities in the wonder and questions of those around me.  Everything can emerge with the nurture embedded in the midst of the storm.
Yet far too often, in their souls and mine, it seems as if “Daughter Zion is deserted—like a tumbledown shack on a dead-end street, like a tarpaper shanty on the wrong side of the tracks, like a sinking ship abandoned by the rats.” (Isaiah 1.8)  Have we gathered the community around us to push on alone?  Have we forgotten the God who has brought us this far?  Have we ignored the Spirit and the strength, light, and understanding she brings?
Today will be a struggle, like many are.  Divinity is reaching out to join forces.  What could be better for you and me?   

October 12, 2005
October 14, 2005