Daily Thoughts, October 15, 2005
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We live in an age of political correctness, especially in the words we use.  Conceptually I believe we should take care with the words we use.  They are important.  Words are our first action steps.  While they are not enough to reveal the true intent of our hearts they are the leading indicators.  The principle of taking care, especially with how we describe and relate to each other, is a good thing.  Good things can be taken too far.
One area political correctness concerns me is how I see my reflection.  Am I seeing my self clearly and transparently or through tinted glass?  Can I muster the courage to understand my actions of yesterday and learn from them?  Will I take stock of my true position?  As I use politically correct words within and without, I find myself believing the polite, only positive, sugar laced rhetoric.  I still have doubts, but overall my thoughts must be true, right.
Everyone lives in hells of their creation.  We deceived ourselves and now find the world around us filled with greed, anger, and self centric gods.  We lived as if we could do everything on our own, and we cannot.  We acted carelessly, thoughtlessly, and often blissfully ignorant of the impact of our choices, decisions, and actions.  Our words hurt, others and even the souls which define our existence. 
In this context we need to hear the call from God.  “Listen to my Message, you Sodom-schooled leaders.  Receive God's revelation, you Gomorrah-schooled people.” (Isaiah 1.10)  And before we get too depressed, remember that this isn’t the end of the story!  God calls you and I friends, children, and Divine agents with the full knowledge that we have failed.  Clearly there is tension in our relationship with God.  Yet it is in the honesty of the walk that we find our true purpose.  It is in the honesty of the dialogue we find our compass.  It is in the blunt reality we find our hope.
Today the rain is clearing and the bright sun is returning, inside and out.

October 14, 2005
October 16, 2005