Daily Thoughts, October 23, 2005
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New York, life, continues to throw things at you that you don’t anticipate.  It is part of the beauty and wonder in life.  I know many trying to fight the process.  They believe control is the key to happiness.  I frankly think they are fighting a losing battle.  Life is far more complex, freedom of choice brings too many different options, and things just simply seem to happen.
The questions are not about management.  I don’t believe you can “manage” the situation.  The questions center on our response, choices, and freedom.  The approach we take determines how we see, what we focus on, and the priorities which shape our actions.  In the midst of the chaos of any big city I find myself moving with the current in ways far faster than I imagined.  Things control me, not the other way.  Life doesn’t have to be that way!  We can take charge.  We can be in control of our life.  We have freedom in our hands but far too often we don’t seem to be taking advantage of the window.
The challenges transcend every aspect of life.  It isn’t just work or family or the immediate relationship with whoever is closest to us, it is everything.  Far too often the areas which are most important to be take third, forth, and even last place.  Yet Divinity offers us an alternative.  The invitation is clear.  “‘Come.  Sit down.  Let's argue this out.’ 
This is God's Message: ‘If your sins are blood-red, they'll be snow-white.  If they're red like crimson, they'll be like wool.” (Isaiah 1.18)
We must engage.  We must put one step out in faith.  We must be intentional.
We will not solve everything today.  We will not achieve our goals and dreams in a single move.  We will not be successful with every choice.
We will make a difference.  We will realize hope.  We can and we will if we choose.  We are not alone, the Spirit is present.  We are not powerless, Divinity is on our side.  We are human; God already knew this.   

October 22, 2005
October 24, 2005