Daily Thoughts, October 26, 2005
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New Yorker, NY revolves around money and worth.  The City designated itself as the financial capital of the world.  Many of those working here believe money is the only measurement which counts; politics, morals, and even power are secondary to the measure which defines and frames everything else.  It is easy to be caught in the cycle.  After all, reward is often defined by money, celebrations are paid for by money, and power often comes with and from the currency. 
In the midst of all the hype, stories, and excitement, it is easy to lose sight of things real.  What really holds value?  How do I define and measure my worth or the worth of others?  Is there a way to evaluate what and where I should focus my energies?
Many asked the question.  Since the question rarely is answered to anyone’s satisfaction, few have anything to fill the longing in their hearts and souls.  I know I do not have the final pieces to the answer yet I know one of the leading indicators.
Just like the world’s centers of yesterday, in New York “your coins are all counterfeits.  Your wine is watered down.” (Isaiah 1.22)  What we hold isn’t the real stuff.  We’ve lost sight, bought into a complex story, and are still thirsting for what will satisfy. 
The important pieces of the quest include the following.

The search is worth everything.  Stay on the quest.  Never give up or in.  The thirst within can be satisfied.
Don’t be satisfied with answers which leave your soul’s thirst unquenched.  This isn’t a one-time measure.  It is the longing of the heart and the soul’s desire for peace.
In the midst of the angst and pain you can see, experience, and hold onto Hope.  It may seem hidden yet it is always with us.
You are a priceless child of God’s.  Divinity rests and makes a home within you.  These facts are the foundation of your worth and the leading indicators of where you will find value.  The quest is here.  Love today.

October 25, 2005
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