Daily Thoughts, October 31, 2005
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I am thirsty and I don’t believe I’m alone.  I long for the consistency on open, honest relationships.  I find myself searching for truth, integrity, and honor.  I even catch myself seeking a deeper, more “truthful” experience of Divinity.  I am not sure what any of these truly look like.  I have caught glimpses of each, but since the thirst within isn’t quenched I know my quest is still alive. 
The evidence I am not alone is compelling.  Traditional spiritual institutions struggle for support while new forms of spiritual authority blossom.  Family structures continue to reshape themselves in an unending quest to find something which works in today’s culture.  Even the shape and form of personal values continue to evolve.  It is as if today’s community has found yesterday’s form of integrity, honor, and truth lacking.  The very sweetness of history has been replaced by bitterness because the framework and standards are not sufficient for our times. 
Bluntly, “it's curtains for rebels and God-traitors, a dead end for those who walk out on God.  ‘Your dalliances in those oak grove shrines will leave you looking mighty foolish, all that fooling around in god and goddess gardens that you thought was the latest thing.” (Isaiah 1.28, 29)  One can say that because the thirst within has never been quenched by these facades.
I believe the answer lies in the principles and values found in a community which practices compassion with mercy and love.  This answer doesn’t ignore accountability; it struggles to combine accountability with the preciousness of every soul.  This answer doesn’t imply cheap grace; each carries a responsibility for fulfilling all aspects of the community’s shared covenant, now more strongly than ever.  This answer is not a simple clich?; it is a promise to grabble and fight through wicked problems in the cold light of day.
We have the opportunity today to quench the thirst within in a tangible way.  An invitation rests with each to come and partake at Divinity’s table.  The food most frequently served is mercy and love.  We can partake and share.

October 30, 2005
November 1, 2005