Daily Thoughts, May 6, 2007
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A lesson that comes with age rests on two words, patience and timing.  Taking action when the timing is not right will not give the full results one hopes.  If one pushes others before they are ready, it will not invoke long-term change.  The keys to apply ones experience is patience and timing.  Wait until it is time to act; then move/act intentionally.
Ironically, these lessons often invoke two states of being.  First, there is a tendency to wait too long.  Patience is not an excuse or rationale for doing nothing.  Being aware, looking for the right indicators, and understanding where others are in their awareness are all actions we can take while we wait.  The greatest teachers are often the ones that enjoy the art of watching and enjoying the journeys of others.  The key lies in seeing life from their perspective.  The process invokes a level of sympathy and compassion, regardless of the level of agreement (or lack of) with the choices made.
Secondly, one must be sensitive to the right time to act.  The Spirit of compassion will tell us when it is time to act.  Our willingness to listen will often allow us to see the weaknesses in our journeys.  This in turn allows us to improve of abilities to walk in the true sense of our values and priorities.  One must take care of one’s personal business first.  Only then is one in position to help others.  There can be overlap, but arrogant and blissful steps is not the best foundation one can hold if one wants to be an agent of change.
The lesson, like many, turns into an opportunity for you and me to help our self.  We can be patient with our own progress.  We can be open to the moments with change opportunities are available.  We can be aware of God’s voice in our life.  The timing is now.
“So turn to me and be helped—saved!—everyone, whoever and wherever you are.  I am God, the only God there is, the one and only.” (Isaiah 45.22)

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