Daily Thoughts, May 7, 2007
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Dada Singh

By the time I came to know the name Dada (Dara) Singh, he was well past his prime as a wrestler.  His name though was legendary, fueled by a new lease on life as a very popular Bollywood actor.  His physique was incredible!  His record of accomplishment included some of the best in the world as well as far too many wild animals. 
It was very difficult to know what was fact or fiction.  I am reasonably sure it did not really matter.  For his fans, he could do no wrong.  He was a hero of epic proportions.  His movie persona only amplified the verifiable facts in his life.  For his skeptics, and there were many, he was a living, breathing object of ridicule and laughter.     
The one thing that I remember be consistently true about the man was that nobody thought he thought he had a weakness.  This man believed in himself.  This man was confident.  This man only went from strength to strength.  He finally ended up the Wrestling Hall of Fame.
I know there must have been times when his word and strength failed him.  With time, all of us fall into the trap.  Yet there are moments when I believe, especially in my abilities to get it done.  Reality strikes, often sooner rather than later, and I find myself struggling to get out of a hellish puddle of my own making. 
It is far too easy to assume everyone and everything falls into our familiar trap.  There is an exception to the rule.  The God I know has never failed or fallen short.  The God I know has truly gone from strength to strength.  Divinity words are true; “I promise in my own name: every word out of my mouth does what it says.  I never take back what I say.  Everyone is going to end up kneeling before me.” (Isaiah 45.23)
There is an incredible opportunity to bend the knee now, to know and experience what it is like to walk in God’s strength, Divinity’s truth, and the Spirit’s way.

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