Daily Thoughts, May 8, 2007
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Getting There

I grew up hating seven words “it is going to be an adventure”!  Someone used the phrase because she or he wanted me to do something, or to go somewhere, I did not otherwise want to go/be.  We could be in the middle of a heat wave on the way to a place of no possible interest (fun), but it was an adventure.  We could be having major problems, borderline catastrophic, and it was an adventure.  Sweat, money, ill effects, uncertainty, and even bodily harm were currency used for adventures.  I thought adventures would end with my adulthood.  I have come to discover Cherry’s love for adventure exceeds the bar set by my Mother.
As much as I hate adventures, I have come to appreciate that without the push I would have missed several significant experiences in life.  I was fortunate to have a mother willing to drive six plus hours to have a two-hour lunch with me.  I find myself smiling and at peace when I reflect on our time together.  The adventures and experiences that came throughout my childhood set the stage for an ongoing willingness to explore the unknown that continues.  Ice hotels, hot springs in Hokkaido, nighttime photo explorations of cities around the word just begin to tell the story.  Getting there is at the heart of serious living.
I have also come to appreciate that my adventures with God can be equally unnerving, uncomfortable, and yet wonderful at the same time.  We have an incredible opportunity with each dawn – to walk and participate in Divinity’s plan for life today.  I find the Spirit is gently pushing, inviting me to join the journey.  It is your call and mine.  We have the freedom and power to make the choice.  Like all great things, the destination comes with the journey.  In the end, the goal will arrive.  Until then, it would be a shame to miss the adventure.
“‘Yes!  Salvation and strength are in God!’  All who have raged against him will be brought before him, disgraced by their unbelief.”  (Isaiah 45.24)

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