Daily Thoughts, May 9, 2007
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I have just finished three days of meetings with lawyers.  The good news is that we made significant progress.  I think, on this one agreement, we are now on the homeward stretch.  Now that we are out of the meetings, I can admit that it was a long, longer than long three days.  Despite, or maybe because of the process, there was an interesting awareness of the world that changed with the time.
In the midst of pushing through the wording of a difficult clause or issue, I found myself turning north and east to gaze out the full-length glass walls.  The views north across Central Park from the forty-fifth floor conference room were peace and wonder filling.  The scene east, with the Citibank and Chrysler buildings framing the busy views towards New York’s East River were equally beautiful in their own way.  Man’s ability, the silent voice of natural beauty, and the wonder of the community’s chaos blended in a way that brought an extraordinary sense of awareness and presence to my soul. 
In a simple glance, in a moment of time that was suspended from traditional measures, I found myself renewed, energized, and focused on the calling at hand.  A simple willingness to be was the driver for a heart that walked away tired but not bruised, at peace in the midst of conflict, and focused in the midst of competing distractions. 
I do not find myself needing to be on the forty-fifth floor to experience this sense of renewal and hope.  Candidly, “all who are connected with Israel will have a robust, praising, good life in God!”  (Isaiah 45.25)  The experience can be present in every moment.  You and I have the ability to accept the Spirit’s offer.  The offer is always present.  It exists without regard for our location, state of being, or ability to do something with it.  It is an unmerited, unconditional, unlimited gift available to saint and sinner alike.  Candidly, I do not know many saints, but it is an incredible experience for the rest of us.

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