Daily Thoughts, May 12, 2007
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In the rush and ironic repetitiveness of New York specifically, and life in general, it is easy to lose sight of how powerful certain things are.  Things in this case include technology platforms, experiences, or physical events.  One easily slides into a comfort zone, confident that the ability within understand the power that surrounds, has all the capabilities and abilities necessary to manage and control, and clearly sees the risks and opportunities.
Even as I debate the pros and cons of a new feature in our business model, I find myself wondering if I fully appreciate the power we are debating.  Will the idea make life easier?  The obvious answer is a highly, probable yes.  Will the tool improve the efficiency of those that take advantage of its availability?  With caveats, it works as anticipated, one uses the tool within the context of the scope of its intended us, and one does not make a mistake, yes! 
It is easy to lull the self into a incredible, peace filled, comfort zone.  Everyone understands everything.  Everyone is committed to the right elements.  Everyone acts with information, understanding, and awareness.
Every assumption you or I make is precarious!  I know I do not always understand.  I know my commitment’s alignment may not be with the right elements in every moment.  I know I do not have all the information, understanding, and awareness to act in a perfect manner.  If nothing else, my heart and brain get in the way.
The power of life does not end with simple technology.  The power of ideas extends well beyond my imagination.  The power of experience transcends my willingness to see how it can and does reach my heart.  The power of the Spirit can touch every fiber of life today.  The courage to see is difficult.  The paradox is profound.  “So to whom will you compare me [God], the Incomparable?  Can you picture me without reducing me?”  (Isaiah 46.5)  Maybe not; yet each experience, every decision made with the Spirit, brings us closer to knowing, understanding, and ultimately walking with God.

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