Daily Thoughts, May 19, 2007
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The powerful in life like to think they do not need to get dirty.  New York is full of great examples.  As I reflect on my last stroll down 5th Avenue, there are many who think they fit the criteria.  Without knowing a thing, and with no criticism intended, I find it incredible to watch them at work.  They have the right walk, effortless, full of confidence, and always just a touch of arrogance on the side.  Special cars with drivers appear to show up without even a wave of the hand.  Perfection seems to be a given, inside and out.  It is as if their souls are banishing even the hint of a worry.  Visually their minds ignore the need to care. 
As I walk on, I find that I given shape, figure, and names to the ideals of my imagination.  I have no idea what these individuals are like on the inside; just that I seem to carry a desire to be in their shoes.  I have no particular insight into their fears and doubts; just that I know I would not have any if I could be like them.  I have no personal knowledge of what it would be like; simply anything is better than what I fear today.
In these moments, I have lost my grounding on what it means to live and be alive. 
Candidly, to the self the advice of yesterday hits home hard.  “Get a job, any old job: clean gutters, scrub toilets.  Hock your gowns and scarves, put on overalls—the party's over.”  (Isaiah 47.2)  Rediscover what it means to live in the world.  Find the values and innocence that gave you a hold on Hope.  See the beauty, awe, and wonder that is alive in every moment you have. 
It is incredible to be alive.  We can each discover new beauty in the world around us.  We can experience the reality of compassion and mercy.  We can know what it means to have the community accept us.  It begins with being real; with self, God, and others.

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