Daily Thoughts, May 20, 2007
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As I turned the corner coming from the subway into the great room of Grand Central, I had no idea what was going on.  Everyone seemed to be standing still.  Everyone’s attention was away from the direction I was coming from; apparently, something was going on near the center of the room.  As I made my way through the still statues, a bizarre scene began to emerge.  In the room’s center was police, man and woman, National Guard, in camouflage and with an automatic weapon, and an unidentified man pinned faced down on the stone floor. 
I have no idea what he did or did not do.  I do not know if he was innocent or on a most wanted list.  I know that there was no, zero, nada dignity in where he was.  His hands were pinned uncomfortably behind him, shackled with stainless cuffs.  The enforcers had spread his leg leaving him venerable and exposed.  His cheeks were firmly nestled on the dirty public stone.  It was hard to imagine that he had any unexposed privacy.
Sometimes those in the right need to take this kind of action.  It may seem unfair, but we do not have a context.  It can appear to be harsh, yet our judgment should find itself within the actions and decisions played out in the community.  When we hear the result finding its voice, “your nude body will be on public display, exposed to vulgar taunts.  It's vengeance time, and I'm taking vengeance.  No one gets let off the hook.”  (Isaiah 47.3)
You and face the reality of our actions, choices, and decisions.  Judgment will come, for rich and poor, strong and weak, confident and uncertain.  Somewhere in this mix, we will find ourselves on the scales of life.  Life will measure.  Life will take a view.  Life will act in response.
Today I wake with Hope at my side.  I know I am under judgment.  I also know I have God in my corner.  If we team up, nothing can defeat us.  God has, is, and will win.

May 19, 2007
May 21, 2007