Daily Thoughts, May 22, 2007
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As I listened to the banter, I wondered what I was missing between the lines.  Even though we both spoke English, we were of different generations.  There was no particular bias coloring my perspective.  There was nothing except age, experience, perspective, visions, and dreams.  In short, there was not that much in common, except we both cared a lot about living. 
The conversations could just as easily have been mine, a few short decades ago; friends hanging together while struggling to realize their goals.  Uncertainty present, playing itself out in the back of everyone’s minds.  Confidence mixed with hope, everything coming together in an incredibly wonderful mix of awe, beauty, and wonder.
I wish I had the vision that they have now when I was young.  In hindsight, I missed the honesty I hear now in their voices.  Looking back, I ignored the caring I see now in their actions.  So much has changed with time.  I needed someone to confront me with my own words.  “You said, ‘I'm the First Man/Lady.  I'll always be the pampered darling.’  You took nothing seriously, took nothing to heart, never gave tomorrow a thought.”  (Isaiah 47.7) 
There is something wonderful in loved based honesty.  It brings hope when one is down.  It gives mercy instead of justice.  It looks for compassion instead of revenge.  It is everything the world usually is not.  It is a significant source of Hope.
I find myself looking at today differently because of a conversation between friends.  I see a world full of opportunity.  I find myself walking with a smile, eager to tackle the challenges of the day.  I look at a world very different from the one of my youth.  Life is about community.  Life is about accomplishing things with people.  Life is about living, fully, completely, and intentionally.
The God I know is passionately, resolutely, and lovingly honest.  Included in Divinity is a statement of where you and I stand.  We are God’s beloved.  We are God’s chosen children.  We are priceless.  All this I know; God’s says it is so.

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