Daily Thoughts, May 27, 2007
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Each culture has their form of sarcasm.  Each generation mistakenly believes they have raised the art form to a new level.  I would suggest it is the form and semantics of sarcasm that change over time and through cultures, not the art.  I find the English to have a highly evolved art form, dry, witty, and often with an embedded sense of irony and human.  Americans are often blunt; it is often hard to miss their form of the art.  This is especially true when you feel as if the words have pummeled and bludgeoned your soul.  Singaporeans are a bit mysterious about the whole process.  I find myself rediscovering their embedded wit.  It appears as though they have adapted the English form with a consistent wrapping of the monetary impact of it all. 
I am not a fan of sarcasm.  I find many use the art form to defend themselves.  As a byproduct of the process, they often inflict pain on the innocent.  It would be far kinder, gentler, and compassionate to confront the problem at hand.  Yet, it does have its place.  This art form confronts one’s soul in a way that forces examination.  When someone is trying to do it on her or his own, the encouragement that comes should be a warning!  “Don't give up. From your great repertoire of enchantments there must be one you haven't yet tried.  You've been at this a long time.  Surely something will work.”  (Isaiah 47.12) 
The advisor knows the solution does not lie within.  Wisdom also knows we are not usually willing to listen.  Pushing the na?ve into action speeds up the process of realizing exactly where one stands.
Today is a wonderful, sunny, and hope filled day.  I could go out and try to accomplish much on my own.  I will fail, even if I do everything within my power.  The option is available to all.  I can rest in the Spirit.  I can rely on God’s guidance.  I can let Divinity’s victory be mine.  Simple choice; I can lose or chose to win. 

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