Daily Thoughts, May 28, 2007
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Singaporeans are an interesting people.  Society of my first years is very different than it is now.  The old colonial past, if it ever really existed, has given way to a hustle, push forward to the front, rushed lifestyle.  Everything seems to revolve around getting ahead, being first (winning), and making money (ultimate measure of winning).  There is very little that is anything but intense.  One may want to criticize the goal and methods, yet there is an energy and intentional commitment that one can admire and, in theory, use to motivate.
As I walked the neighborhoods yesterday, I found myself discovering what is both similar and different to the generations in any community around the world.  Teenagers are moving in packs, reveling in the stories of yesterday’s escapades while wondering aloud about the events unfolding in the day at hand.  Parents of all generations are enjoying being with their children, seemingly oblivious to the content of the conversations, just happy to be sharing time with their kids or kid’s kids.  In between are men and women, usually in their late twenties and early thirties, focused on the tasks of the moment.  They are preparing for the next deal, intentionally burying themselves in the weekend paper, usually related to the arts, are studying for tomorrow’s presentation or class. 
In this moment in time, separated from those I love, I can relate to preparing for the tasks to come.  There is much for me to do.  It is getting tiring.  As I work to carry my load, the Spirit’s voice is clear, strong, and direct.  “I know you're exhausted trying out remedies, but don't give up.  Call in the astrologers and stargazers.  They're good at this.  Surely they can work up something!”  (Isaiah 47.13)
It is a good time to step back and reflect.  I know my source of power, God.  I know the source of my compass, Divinity.  I even see my Spirit guide.  The opportunity today is to let God’s movement be my movement, Divinity’s thought my thoughts; and the Spirit’s guide as my response.

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