Daily Thoughts, May 30, 2007
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As I walk the streets of Singapore, especially late at night when the tropical quietness begins to overtake the normal hum of the city, I wonder if I had any idea where I would be when I was young.  I realize it is a strange question to ask one’s self.  Parents tend to think that most teenagers cannot see beyond the next event, yet I remember thinking a lot about the future.  It is hard to imagine how open minded someone young can be, yet I explored an incredible range of the various communities of my dreams.  I thought I had a vivid imagination.  I assumed my sight lines were broad, visionary, and inclusive.  In hindsight, as far and as broad as I imagined, life took me even further than my imagination could see.
As I walk the streets, some new, some old, I find myself taking two definitive steps.  First, I look at the past with different eyes.  Often, I have placed my trust in people and ideas that were less than truth.  As I look, one by one, I can see “the fate of your friends in sorcery, your magician buddies you've been in cahoots with all your life.  They reel, confused, bumping into one another.  None of them bother to help you.”  (Isaiah 47.15)  Many others have failed as well.  Those that have stood tall, over time, in good seasons and in storms, are those that embraced true compassion, transparent mercy, and a willingness to engage in life for where and what it is.
I realize my steps are different that the one of my imagination.  Everything is possible.  Dreams can come into focus, especially if I am willing to walk with the Spirit.  While different, you and I can walk into a new future by living to the maximum in the present.  For me an integral key to the process is letter God be my guide, Divinity my friend.  I am not sure what today will bring.  I know that it will be different from my limited view.  It will be wonderful.

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