Daily Thoughts, December 4, 2008
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Making Moves

Sitting still has given me the luxury of watching, listening, and observing. In the process, I find myself puzzling over the amount of rhetoric and related action. People talk and then act in ways that are inconsistent with his or her words. Others talk and never even bother to act! I catch myself wanting to talk before looking in the mirror. I am often guilty on both counts – actions without thought or no action at all.

We, our community, you, and I, need thoughtful action. We need people making moves so that we can a better world! It requires thought. It demands consensus and the power of individuals working together. It will take us to places we have not been before. Courage, strength, and endurance will need to travel with us.

This is a path others have mustered the courage and strength to walk before. Peter was willing to step into territory that was at best labeled as unknown; to many it was wrong. Yes, when impressed by the Spirit, and “hearing no objections, he ordered that they [new and different believers] be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked Peter to stay on for a few days.” (Acts 10.48)

It may seem as if the issues have changed in the past few centuries. We can see farther with instant global news and economies that are linked as one. Yet, I wonder if we can see any more clearly. It does not seem to be the case. People are being exploited as they have been in the past. People are being judged by their externals – race, culture, perceived power and status, and even gender – in ways that are far too familiar. Even when we recognize a difference, we look at the person that appears to be familiar assuming they should hold the same values, priorities, and ways of looking at life as we do.

We need people that act for the good of God’s family. We need our diversity! We need living examples of compassion, mercy, and above all love.

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