Daily Thoughts, December 8, 2008
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Some people today think that life’s details do not really matter. Trends are important. Big things matter most. Important people are the ones that we need to pay attention to. As relevant as a macro perspective can be, it is in the details that we find and experience life. Trends are filled with singular events. Understanding and experiencing these events gives texture and meaning to a trend. Big things are made up of small stuff. While being caught in the details can be risky, avoiding them robs one of a true understanding of what the something “is”. Any individual can only be seen in the context of the community that he chooses to be a part of. Without this perspective, one is looking at an image that may or may not be consistent with the inside.

An old wise man was trying to convey how a dream profoundly touched his life. In order to do that, he provided details. “Recently I was in the town of Joppa praying. I fell into a trance and saw a vision: Something like a huge blanket, lowered by ropes at its four corners, came down out of heaven and settled on the ground in front of me. Milling around on the blanket were farm animals, wild animals, reptiles, birds—you name it, it was there.” (Acts 11.5)

In the details, I find myself asking questions about my life. Am I willing to commit regular time, in every circumstance, to personal prayer and meditation? Have I give Divinity permission to share a vision with me? Am I willing to be open to what God might have to say?

The details of our lives make a difference. The irony is that we control far more than we realize. We have the freedom to set the approach. We hold the authority for decision making within our hearts and minds. We can choose where and how we spend our time.

The details of your life are written by a framework that you determine. Today comes with an opportunity to write on a blank page.

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