Daily Thoughts, December 10, 2008
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Crazy Ideas

The consensus is growing. We have reasons for concern. CFO are increasingly pessimistic, believing that there will be fewer jobs over the next twelve months while investments decline and businesses suffers. Traders, if their conversations are believed, think the world is ending. Their roles have been forever diminished, essentially to the point that they are no longer needed as they were. Individuals are losing their jobs, even when their performance is excellent, their contributions recognized, and their work important. We depend on forces that we cannot control or influence.

In this context, some of the most important values I hold look crazy! I know many are suggesting that I should let go. I understand their logic. Yet, when I see some of my heroes opening themselves up to crazy ideas I find myself wanting to follow their examples. Take Peter for example. As a Jew embracing a traditional view of faith, he found himself listening to a voice saying, “Go to it, Peter—kill and eat.” (Acts 11.7) The instruction was beyond any rational thought and yet the Source had credibility. Peter listened.

I believe the values I hold came from the same source as Peter’s. The values are as follows. First, compassion is the greatest gift we can share with each other. We are a community, family to be blunt. Each member has strengths and weakness, successes and failures. We have the honor of providing support wrapped in mercy.

Second, God and family are metaphors for Hope. Hope, in my experience, is the belief that we are a family, we belong to each other, and we will work together to make our world a better place. Hope is optimistic is all circumstances because of community. Hope is strong because of family. Hope endures because of its truth.

Third, life is about engaging and living. Yesterday is something we can learn from, it need not drag us into despair or guilt. Tomorrow is an opportunity that will come to us. This moment is where we can make a difference – to our souls and to others.

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