Daily Thoughts, December 11, 2008
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The world seems to thrive on hierarchies. Every generation tries to flatten them out in their youth only to resurrect them in the fullness of time. From observation, in our youth we thrive in an environment that resembles the playgrounds of our early childhoods. We do not need to have anyone in charge. We work with others when the opportunity presents itself and it is mutually beneficial (instant decisions in the moment). We are not focused on others. It is all about our world, our goals, and our path. With time, we lose our confidence. We need the assurance of our roles and the path that it implies. We need others in positions of responsibility that are accountable for helping us along this path. We want the pyramids of power that we ignored in our childhood.

I find that I need more of my childhood in my life than I ever imagined. God has invited you and me to live as children of Divinity. We have a seat at the table. We get to talk as members of families do, sometimes agreeing, on other occasions defiantly arguing, yet always engaged. God has informed us that we are sitting as equals. None of us are superior. We are invited and honored for the same reason. We are God’s kids.

I am not suggesting that we throw out every organizational structure we have. They can be useful! I am suggesting the structures, titles, and human designated authorities will never be substitutes for our freedom, how decisions are made or taken, or our voice. We are all God ambassadors (ministers). We are equally responsible for others as well as our souls. There will be times that we will need to stand up and be accounted. Peter did that when he “said, ‘Oh, no, Master. I've never so much as tasted food that wasn't kosher.’” (Acts 11.8) God wants us, no demands that we are accountable for exercising freedom. This includes everything that goes along with the process.

Today is our opportunity to engage – fully, completely, and without reservation.

December 10, 2008
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