Daily Thoughts, December 12, 2008
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There are very few I trust unconditionally. There are those I want to trust; yet, somehow I know that my trust comes with reservations. Others fall into a category where I know I do not trust. Candidly, it takes something experiential to move into this bucket. Once in, I know that it will take many experiences to change my view. I hope that my response to each in any given moment is supportive, yet I often catch myself wondering about reality.

Trust is interesting. I trust few politicians, except to do wrong. Recent events only affirm the cynicism. There are others that I have intuitively trusted from the first time I met them. I often wonder what it was that brought trust with the friendship. Was it a “blink” type decision, made in a moment without reservation because of my soul’s confidence? Could I be the victim of a deception that continues? Did I want to believe, in spite of or without the evidence?

Sometimes the people I trust know that I trust them. This is a risky revelation because of what come with it. With trust, comes the power to influence and share. With trust, comes the openness of someone to follow. With trust, comes soul filled intimacy. You are open. You are vulnerable. You are willing to follow and work with.

As I reflect on trust, I find myself wondering where God sits in my trust equation. I would love to say that I trust God unconditionally, without reservation, and with every fiber of my being. My head tells me that each statement is true. My heart looks at the evidence of my journey and questions my confidence.

Whatever the answer, it is never fully answered in this life. Each moment provides a new indicator of our level of trust. When Peter opened his mind and heart to the advice given by the Spirit, “If God says it's okay, it's okay,” (Acts 11.9) he was making a statement of trust. Today, the moment at hand is our trust statement to God and our self.

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