Daily Thoughts, December 19, 2008
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Ebbs and Flows

Life can be seen a continuous series of case examples. Each provides teaching and learning opportunities, even as we experience the details from a unique perspective. With the overwhelming quantity of information flooding our hearts and souls, I often find myself numbed by effort to understand what is happening. The ebbs and flows of life are greater than I can absorb. It is too much! The highs are wonderfully inspiring while the lows are devastating and life draining. Even the gentle movement of the ordinary takes its toll.

In my journey, I find myself struggling to understand it all. If it is of help, there are three “things” I have found helpful in the process.

First, life has its own logic and rhythm. While there are always lessons to be found, assigning blame, responsibility, and accountability for what is unfolding in your life and mine is usually not helpful. We are a part of life. Life is not accountable to us. It is not always about “me”.

Second, seeing the reality of life is an important step in living to the maximum. We must be aware of the good, bad, wonderful, ugly, and even perplexing to engage in complete living. Escaping to virtual worlds is not helpful. Living in our imaginations is not what it means to live. Struggling with the unknown, unusual, and unfolding is an essential part of your day and mine.

Third, giving God Divinity’s due is important. God is actively involved in your life and mine. Frequently it is in the ordinary events of the day. Often it is in our communities. If we open ourselves up to the possibility, we find our hearts admitting that God is in action. An old observation will unfold; “so I ask you: If God gave the same exact gift to them as to us when we believed in the Master Jesus Christ, how could I object to God?” (Acts 11.17)

There is no need to fight life’s ebbs and flows. They are an essential part of our opportunity to live deeply and fully.

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