Daily Thoughts, December 23, 2008
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I am competitive. I would like to add that I am only a little competitive, however that would be stretching the truth beyond recognition. I compete at and in everything! I constantly push myself to learn, grow, and improve in ways that allows me to be better than I was. The natural measure of success is that my results are better than others.

In my better moments, I realize that being good at something does not mean that one will always win. There are times when others are simply better than you are at something! No matter how good I am or strive to be, others are stronger, quicker, or come with more abilities. Winning is, to be blunt, out of my control. As I continue to compete, I have come to see that my job is to engage, play fair, and compete. I do not control winning. In fact, winning is not the ultimate measure you and I need to worry about. Other factors, giving it our best, competing with intensity and within the rules, and pushing to our limits are far more important than the final score.

The realization that life is more than just winning is a difficult one to understand. Everything around me indicates to believe that this is the only measure that counts. Winning is defined by money, power, and status. If you do not win, then you are a loser. The beliefs I have held for so long are twisted, destructive, and wrong.

Life is not about winning. Life is about walking. Life is not measured by coming out on top. Life is determined by how we live in our families and communities. Life is never about being the guy or gal on top. Life is about celebrating together with others.

I can win by doing the right thing, in each moment I have. As I work with Good, everyone benefits. “God was pleased with what they were doing and put his stamp of approval on it—quite a number of the Greeks believed and turned to the Master.” (Acts 11.21)

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