Daily Thoughts, December 24, 2008
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Life often feels like I am alone in a battle. The battles are endless, piling on top of each other without logic or consideration. The relentlessness of the pressure seems to grow even as I struggle with the sense of being overwhelmed. It feels like my defenses are beginning to fail. Whatever I do, it is not enough. Whatever strength I muster fails to stand up to the assault. Even my cries for help seem lost in the chaos around us.

Everyone lives within a personal and unique form of hell. We fight our battles alone. We struggle to win, achieve, and preserver by ourselves. We walk as if we are the only individuals in the history of this world to face whatever we are facing. I would gently like to suggest that we do not need to remain there.

A form of heaven is within our reach, yet it will take an act of courage to realize its reality. We live in the context of others around us. Sometimes we know them as family. In other situations, we recognize them as community. Whatever we choose to call them, we are walking with others by our side in our journeys.

Realizing this form of heaven takes an act of courage on our part. This includes the following steps.

First, recognize and embrace the idea that letting others know that you need help is not a sign of weakness, it is an act of strength.

Second, act knowing that others are going to know your business. Being part of a group is all about giving, sharing, and being part of something greater.

Third, work with the wisdom and insight of others in the community. This is not blind trust, but it is a form of reliance.

There are great examples of how people have dealt with the unknown. In one situation, “when the church in Jerusalem got wind of this, they sent Barnabas to Antioch to check on things.” (Acts 11.22) They trusted Barnabas. We can trust those God has given us to share the journey with.

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