Daily Thoughts, December 30, 2008
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The connection between projection and reality is often as long or even longer than we initially think. Yet, in the natural tension that exists in our lives we, I often find myself looking for immediate results from a decision made for the future. I realize the timing does not make sense, but it is as if I cannot help myself.

I establish a budget for the future and look for the impact of the savings to show up next week! We work to establish plan and strategies only to look for results in the tactics employed yesterday. It sounds strange, but evidence can be found in public opinion about government fiscal stimulus plans, intervention strategies, and political policy. Everyone was excited about new regulation for credit card companies (to protect individual consumers) forgetting that the implementation of the rules only comes two years from now! We transfer funds to large banks and then look within a few days and weeks to see the impact on the housing market. What happened to the normal processing time for a mortgage application, credit evaluation, and pricing decisions?

I would like to suggest that the problem with our instant evaluation rests in our faith, or lack of, in the processes of life. In short, we do not trust anyone, including our souls. We make decisions, feeling good until the decision is actually made. One we take a decision, mysteriously we let our fears dominate us in a way that blocks hope and movement.

I read an old prediction of a famine. Writing with the perspective of time, the author noted how β€œthe famine eventually came during the rule of Claudius.” (Acts 11.28) Perhaps there is an alternative response to the timing of our expectations.

First, trust that family/community decisions can be reasonable.

Second, keep your eyes on the goal, looking to see how you can make the world a better place.

Third, connect yourself with God. God is engaged in your life and mine. Reminders help us to trust and focus.

Perspective changes with our foundation. Look as God looks.

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