Daily Thoughts, March 16, 2011
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A recent movie reminded me of a truth a counselor gave me eight years ago; “One can never un-know what one knows.”  His context then was in one of discovery.  The caution was clear.  You cannot ignore or forget what you have learned.  It is in your mind.  You may forget for a time, yet it will come back.  You may ignore and yet it remains.  Once a thought is planted within you, it remains.  It will likely grow.  At the very least, it will feed other thoughts.  You have, intentionally or otherwise, captured it within your being.

In the midst of a recent conversation a random thought planted itself.  I like what I do because I feel rewarded in helping out others achieve a dream.  The greatest reward is when dreams align and there is a higher purpose to what we do.  It is an opportunity that is always unique.  It comes for a time.  If you respond, you will have the opportunity to walk with others.  If you ignore, you will have glimpses of it disappearing.  The only choice then is to prepare for the next windows that might appear.

I found the awareness assuring and immensely rewarding.  I know.  A writer left us the following note.  “If you were free when Christ called you, you’ll experience a delightful “enslavement to God” you would never have dreamed of.”  (1 Corinthians 7.22)  For me, the knowledge from this conversation was, to use a odd word, delightful.

I find that we have an invitation to be delighted with each day.  God offers to affirm our calling.  Gifts of beauty and wonder are in your life and mind.  We are part of a great story.  We may lose sight of this fact, yet the knowledge of the dream resides within us.  It is good to pause and reflect.  I want to hold onto this knowing.  I want to do something with it. I know today will bring opportunities.  God has captured us with compassion and love.  We can escape, yet the knowledge we have will still remain.

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