Daily Thoughts, March 18, 2011
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Reference Point

The view from the 62nd floor rooftop was amazing.  One could look in all directions without interruption.  To the west one could see the docks, old and new. To the south, the ships were queued in multiple lanes for handling.  To the east, Changi village could be marked if for no other reason than the steady stream of passenger planes landing at the international airport.  Even the town of JB in Malaysia was visible!

“Where is your apartment?”

The question caught me off guard.  The visitor was curious.  I started to answer then stopped.  I realized that any verbal reference was meaningless.  North, south, east, or west had no particular meaning from this rooftop.  The names of various buildings were foreign words without context.  I needed a reference point.

“Do you see the tall white building to the right of the setting sun?”


This was a beginning that had hope of a successful end.  We need reference points.  In business and others area of our lives, we need to start from somewhere.  Knowing that point is not always easy.  We need help.  Guidance helps us begin the process.  Once we have the context of a plan, we have the opportunity to do something with it.  With a shared reference point from a Singapore rooftop, it was easy to navigate to the Metropolitan.

I find that I often presume I know the starting point.  Feedback from others suggests that they are unsure.  As I consider the uncertainties and fears within, I realize I am holding doubts as well.  One should never assume.  As I listen to an old sage, I realize the potential that comes from his guidance.  “Friends, stay where you were called to be. God is there.  Hold the high ground with him at your side.”  (1 Corinthians 7.24)  You have a reference point, start from there.  If you do not know where you are, stop, discover, and then act.

Life often demands urgency.  We are more likely to get to our destinations with knowledgeable intent.  Understanding where we are is the beginning.

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