Daily Thoughts, March 25, 2011
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I love the ocean.  When I am a part of it, there is a uncontrolled, being part of something far greater than what you can see, freedom that comes with the awareness that the boundaries of the “pool” are far beyond anything I can imagine.  The endless waves, uncertainty of what comes next, and unknown depth of the water all work together to create a mystery to the casual observer.  Even though I understand some of the linkages, the moon’s pull and the tide it influences, I know there is far more that I do not know.

It is easy to get caught up in the immediate of the ocean.  Swimming where there are swells of any size is an example.  One has confronted by the immediate.  Others, far wiser than me, have left a clear warning that I understand when I am overwhelmed by the swell that is almost on me.  If I were to paraphrase, summing up their advice would echo Paul’s words.  “Deal as sparingly as possible with the things the world thrusts on you. This world as you see it is on its way out.”  (1 Corinthians 7.31)  What you see now will pass.  Something greater is coming.

I am often caught up in the day at hand.  In many ways, it is good to be focused on the moment.  It is also worthwhile remembering that there is more to life than what is currently in my vision.  I am part of a bigger story.  In this story God is alive and engaged.  Characters include those in my community as well as those I have yet to meet.  We are part of something great!  It is filled with storms as well as stretches of great beauty.  There is wonder and pain, inspiration and doubts.  Whatever I might think or see, there is more.

In the moment at hand, I need to remember that I am part of the More.  I am a child of God.  Divinity lives within me as God does within you.  We make a difference, for others and ourselves.

March 24, 2011
March 26, 2011