Daily Thoughts, June 3, 2015
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A gift of aging is the privilege one has in seeing others come of age. In the past week, I have had the honor of witnessing formerly self-centered individuals mature and embrace of life that includes others along with others driven by justice now balanced by mercy and empathy. It is a humbling sight. Each has come so far! The change is far greater than they realize – individually and collectively.

The gift, reminds me of how much growing still remains to be embraced within. The lessons and insights are there, if I am willing to let me touch me. As I recognized and applauded one, the surprised look on his face reminded me of myself. It is always easier to see the opportunities in others. When embraced, one sees and experiences the change in their choices and decisions. They struggle to see what is so plain to me.

Am I any different? Can I see what has always been in front of me?

Will I act? Am I willing to learn and grow?

Do I want to see yesterday honestly in context of the present?

Ahh, the questions that are as easy and difficult as we are willing to make them. A writer left a request with God a long time ago; “Give groaning prisoners a hearing; pardon those on death row from their doom – you can do it!” (Psalm 79.11) A variation of his request is our invitation today; ‘Give everyone around you a break; forgive them in advance when their actions are less than ideal. Assume the positive – you can do it!’

I am inspired by the leaps others have made. Each is a reminder of the potential all around us. You and I can do so much more! Recognizing others is a catalyst to more. Gifts of mercy and love reshape the possible. Acting with an assumption of the positive acts of others open up new avenues of opportunity for everyone.

Shadows of possibility mixed with fear haunt the strong and the weak. The leaps I see remind me of opportunities. Thank-you.

June 2, 2015
June 21, 2015