Daily Thoughts, June 21, 2015
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Expectations can change. What I expected when I order something online is different than it was ten years ago. Initially I was satisfied if I received my order within 3-4 days. I hoped that it would come as described. When the item arrived, I was trained to accept the fact that I had to examine the contents in detail, searching for flaws, imperfections, and damage. If there was a defect, I hoped that I could resolve it.

Today we live in a different world. I recently ordered two special sets of drill bits. When they arrived, one package was complete while the other was obviously missing one of the pieces. In contrast to a past decade, the fact that my expectation were not met did not trigger any stress or worry. I was confident that things could be rectified. Going online, in less than three minutes I had generated a return label and placed a new order to replace the flawed delivery. The confirmation that followed moments later caught me by surprise. The key phrase was “Your order will be delivered by 8 pm tonight.”

By 7 pm on the same Sunday my account had be credited with the return and I had a replacement product in hand. Whatever my expectations were, there was a new standard!

As I think of my father on a day of remembrance, I realize that the core in this space has never changed. There is a constant that has remained – his love has never failed and has never run out on me. I know there have been times that I thought it would, but it has not. Recent events remind me that it has never failed or run out on me.

Love in its fullness – accepting, unconditional, and enduring – remains life greatest gift and treasure. In the context of changing expectations, I find myself looking to a higher power, asking for a response; to “those who dared to set it on fire – give them a look that will kill!”   (Psalm 80.16)

I hope each father experiences their children’s love.

June 3, 2015
June 22, 2015