Daily Thoughts, June 24, 2015
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Recently I stepped away from the web. It was not something I intentionally planned. I found myself on Isla Holbox, a small island off the north Yucatan coast in Mexico with no paved roads. When I discover limited web access near the town square, the difficulty in making a connection along with the slow speed once I did became an invitation to unplug and disconnect.

Initially, it was tough! My emotions ranged from frustration to anxiety and on through to worry. I had emails to answer, people to keep up with. Linkedin, Facebook, and the news were calling out for my attention. I wanted to answer but life seemed to be conspiring against me – especially the gentle sounds of the Gulf just outside the house, gaze of the iguanas, and dancing clouds serenaded by the wind.

In the end I left my computer unopened, limited my connections to a short, once a day period of paying Hobox related bills, and emergency text messages with my mobile. Positively responding to the unexpected invitation to unplug was the best thing I could have done to accept the invisible invitation to be away on vacation.

As I look back, I did a lot more than unplug. I turned away from the mundane of the daily and returned to the essence of living. Reflection dominated my thinking. Rebirth was an unintended consequence. Energy and creativity rediscovered their roots.

If I had allowed myself to consider the possibilities and benefits, I hope I would have chosen to do this a lot sooner! In recovering myself I rediscovered a Psalm prayer as my own; “God, God of the angel armies, come back! Smile your blessing smile: That will be our salvation.” (Psalm 80.19) I am here, waiting, eager to experience compassion and mercy.

Now that I am back in the mundane, I find myself wanting to unplug at least once a day. Phones put away, email notifications ignored. Returning to the center is a personal journey. I do not know what yours looks like but I highly recommend taking time to rediscover.

June 23, 2015
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