Daily Thoughts, June 26, 2015
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Today I am past of a group that is leaving on a trip. There are portions of the trip where some of the group will go off and do their own thing. Experiencing the unknown, animal care, and exotic locations all come into plan. For most of the trip, we will be doing things together. As we anticipate what is to come, I find myself thinking of earlier trips, anticipation, and then experience. Each was influenced by what the individual brought with them as well as the combination of others with them on the journey.

I find my mind drifting into music and a performance filled with “anthems from the choir, music from the band, [and] sweet sounds from lute and harp.” (Psalm 81.2) There is a wonderful combination of great friends, diverse backgrounds, and different expectations that shape what each experience. While there are common themes, everyone takes something unique from it! We laugh in a slightly different rhythm to what unfolds. We share stories and vignettes where everyone was present yet somehow we hear something new. Our sight, hearing, and hearts are bigger because of those around us.

I have no idea what the come days will bring. I am optimistic because I can feel the excitement and openness that the others are bringing with them on the trip. Who knows? Perhaps that is the secret catalyst to making things extraordinary.

As I think forward, I realize that although the things we will do today are different than the norm, the opportunity to experience and be wowed is present no matter where I am. Fresh opportunities come with each dawn. Unwritten chapters are waiting for details, reflections, and insights. What follows will be different because of the combinations we bring. Our openness, willingness, and courage will shape the details.

Great music always seems to get better with age. It is something that is the same each time yet different. It also continues to change with each remembrance. Today is filled with anticipation, possibilities, and unknown. It is a great way to start the day!

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