Daily Thoughts, June 29, 2015
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From the time I was young, I was encouraged, reminded, and cajoled to listen. It was not something I did well. Even as I learned to listen, I often failed to let those around me know that I was listening. Frequently, everything about my actions, multi tasking, fidgeting, and interrupting because I was sure I know what the other was going to say, screamed that I was not really listening.

I have come to realize that when I listening with my heart as well as my mind, I put anything that could be distracting to the side. There are specifics. Music volume goes to quiet or silent. Mobile phones are put on silent and out of eyesight. I let go of my pen and paper. Once everything is released, then I can hear with my soul.

The past few days have reminded me that listening is more than just an experience with another. It is something we are invited to do with ourselves. As I look back I find myself asking a difficult question; am I willing to listen to my heart as easily as I do my mind?

As I reflect, the question becomes more complex while remaining profoundly simple. Am I willing to let my instinctive side have equality with my logical self? Where does passion fit into the mix? Are there certain subjects that demand one only use logic and external foundations or is everything open for discussion?

My reflection invites me into endless loops even as I realize that the original question remains; am I willing to listen to my heart?

Praying a psalm today gave me the answer; β€œHe [God] commanded Joseph to keep this day so we’d never forget what he did in Egypt. I hear this most gentle whisper from One I never guessed would speak to me.” (Psalm 81.5) Yes, I will listen. Yes, I will give the Divine that lives with me voice. Among the many, this voice is an important piece of the mosaic we live in and know as life and living. I will listen.

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