Daily Thoughts, June 30, 2015
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Recently an observation has repeated itself with several colleagues. I cannot remember a time where this situation has occurred, although it is likely that I only see it with a second or third replay. In each case, the colleague sees what s/he can see. As complete and robust as their vision is, if one is able to detach one’s self from what limits one’s sights, there is more to see. Instead of one or two options, there are three, four, and even five alternatives. Instead of making the decision now, one can reflect and consider before the time for one needs to embrace a choice. Even as the negative overwhelms, beauty and inspiration are alive and calling for our attention.

We can see further than we imagine or allow ourselves to see.

There is little point in telling them what they should be seeing. Rarely does one understand what one cannot imagine or experience. One can eliminate the barriers that block one’s sight. One can remind them of experiences and insights without telling them what do to with it.

In my darkness, I heard the Psalmist words with my heart; “I took the world off your shoulders, freed you from a life of hard labor.” (Psalm 81.6) If this could be true, what follows? For me, my struggle with the question opened a door to the beauty, wonderful, and amazing gifts others are sharing every day. One observation triggered more. While it is not the whole picture, it is further than before.

I do not hear a mandate that we are responsible for getting anyone, ourselves included, to our final destination in life immediately. We have an invitation to live life fully and completely! We have freedom within us to choose our paths, make choices, and shape what our next step will be. It is in this context that we can lend a hand to those around us, opening doors and working to lower barriers. In my case, the gift of being free of yesterday’s burdens and tomorrow’s outcomes became an invitation to make a difference.

June 29, 2015
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