Daily Thoughts, September 2, 2015
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Walking the streets, especially if you are on the street instead of a sidewalk, is not a safe activity.  If you are doing it in a city where people drive without regard to the usual rules, think Mumbai, then the risks increase dramatically.  The only things that mitigate the risk is the sense of mutual awareness and vehicles moving at reasonable speeds.

The walk back brought a fresh perspective to the situation.  Things unfolded around eight thirty pm as we walked in the dimly lit streets, often in dark shadows, wearing dark trousers of course.  While the intersections with lights were lit, many of the crosswalks were hidden from view by the ever present darkness.

It was obvious that everything I had put aside everything I been taught about safety.  I ignored sidewalks due to the hidden holes and steps of danger.  I blissfully walked on the road, in the middle of traffic at times, weaving through and around cars, taxis, motorcycles, and busses.  My commitments to staying and being safe were with the trash, everywhere around me but not with me.

As I walked into the hotel, body fine but every nerve and sense on high alert, I found myself wondering where I placed my trust.  On this walk, my primary trust was in my actions and awareness.  I headed to my room wondering.

As I start a new day, the question still lingers.  How tightly will I hold onto and trust that compassion, mercy, and community work as defining life principles?  Will I embrace others as I do myself?

My walk still lingers with me as a reminder that my actions will tell me of my heart’s choice.  Whatever I decide, the truth is revealed in by the decisions and priorities that are seen by all.

In the darkness, Danger had a loud voice.  I look towards the day in quietness, aware that Danger is everywhere.

I find myself repeating a Psalm, “Give your servant a happy life; I put myself in your hands!” (Psalm 86.4) I hope my actions connect with my words.

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