Daily Thoughts, September 3, 2015
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I woke this morning reeling from an update that I have known was coming for a long time.  The only thing unforeseen was the timing, but like many things in life, one rarely anticipates the difficult with accuracy.  I know others are facing a darker wall of fear and uncertainty.  From individuals fleeing war and certain death to those struggling to cope with overwhelming illness and pain, each is in a battle with Evil.  As I look at life, everything falls into the circle of life where evil and good regularly do battle.  I know I am fortunate yet I cannot help by feel overwhelmed, more alone, and uncertain.

In the quietness and peace of the dawn, I find myself listening to the words as a Psalmist expresses his thoughts to God; “You’re well-known as good and forgiving, bighearted to all who ask for help.” (Psalm 86.5) I know others have their doubts, but the Psalmist’s God has always embraced me with compassion and care.

I find myself drifting in and out of amazing memories of those no longer with us, grateful to each for the role they played in making my life richer by filling it with beauty, wonder, and a desire to live it to the full.  The memories are unbelievable except for the reality that they happened and I had an opportunity to participate in them!

As I reflect on the past, I find myself aware of the situations where Divinity extended a protecting hand.  I bear witness to God’s action when no one else could or did act.  There are reasons to trust in the future.

I think of the ways I knew I was a part of something.  At times it was family.  On other occasions it was a community or a cause.  With each, I experienced the influence Divinity had through the voice and actions of others.  I am forever in debt to individuals willing to work with God on my behalf.

I see with Hope.  God’s promises have remained true for generations.  Hope lives, there is more to come.

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