Daily Thoughts, September 4, 2015
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Paying Attention

Sometimes one depends on others to help without being asked.  Last night a friend did that.  I am not sure he was aware of the ways his willingness to sit, listen, and dialogue were just what I was looking for.  It was interesting in how our conversation started early in the evening and in the midst of other conversations, activities, and interruptions, effortlessly continued.  It felt as if we started, stopped, and picked up where we were again and again until we reached a natural end.  As I think back on it I see it through the lens of a prayer I had unknowingly whispered; “Pay attention, God, to my prayer; bend down and listen to my cry for help.”  (Psalm 86.6) Divinity heard and invited one of his children to be an ear and voice of God.  In the lingering silence of peace and comfort that continues, I am reminded of the following.

There are many sources of help.  The traditional and usual are not the only ones that can and do work.  Caring and Compassion come in unlimited shapes and sizes.  Being open to all its forms creates a window to comfort and healing.

There are many forms of help.  Often I think I know exactly what I need.  I go looking for “it”, often struggling in my quest.  The recent example of the tangible way God paid attention to my needs reminds me that answers are often found where one least expects.

I discovered that my openness to more in the mundane of life led to an unintended experience of Divinity’s touch.  I was surprised how God reached out with an answer to the unspoken, unrealized center of my need.  In this awareness, I now see other examples of answered questions through conversations, responses to needs through encounters.

As today begins, I wonder where I will see Divinity in action.  I am confident Her hand is on far more than I expect.  It will be an opportunity to experience the unimaginable; Divinity involved and making a difference in the details of life.

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