Daily Thoughts, September 7, 2015
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In working with others, I have come to realize that one of the most difficult “thing” that anyone can do for another is to convey her/his worth.  I am of the view that while the final determination of self-worth lies within one’s self, there is a lot that others can do to support, convey, and share how much another is worth.  As another day starts, Life continues to share the following reminders for my embrace.

Worth is best demonstrated through action.  When the Psalmist reminded Divinity of what he could see around him, “All the nations you made are on their way, ready to give honor to you, O Lord, ready to put your beauty on display,” (Psalm 86.9) it was also a call to action.  Without tangible and visible examples, “worth” is often nothing more than an idea.

There are many faces to worth.  Respect is a foundational one.

Examples of respect are felt and seen through how one listens, one’s willingness to clarify and understand before we react (judge), and in the end, what one does with what one has heard.

Respect is also felt through how one is treated.  Being accepted is a sign of respect, especially where there are differences.  Diversity can be a strength if it starts with unconditional acceptance.  We can see more when we allow ourselves to look through the eyes of those around us.

Respect is also given (or taken away) when another makes a choice that is different than the one “I” would have made.  This is especially true when the choice is close to the heart.  The respect conveyed is proportional to the distance between the two views and choices that followed.

Worth is also conveyed through our celebrations.  When I celebrate another’s exercising of their freedom, I am celebrating the fullness of their maturity and heart.  When I celebrate accountability, especially in failure’s shadow, I am also celebrating the potential of growth, hope, and forgiveness!  Each is a supporting pillar of one’s worth.

I look around me and see potential individuals bearing witness of Hope.

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