Daily Thoughts, September 8, 2015
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The war room could have been a hedge fund, start-up company, or customer service phone bank.  Individual, from shorts and t-shirts to dress slacks and recently removed ties staked out their space around the big dining room table as big computer screen competed for the same space with notebooks, tablets, and limited power outlets.

Tonight the room was being used by a majority of the Dirty Dozen Fantasy Football League with the balance joining in live from Geneva, Barcelona, and Miami.  For some, this was an annual gathering that stretched back over a decade.  For me, ah, I was the novice trying to figure out how things worked!  Last minute unintended changes to the league rules (no keepers), ensured everyone’s starting point has its own element of chaos.

As the evening developed with each round of drafting, it was clear who had a view, who had done their research, and who was executing a best guess.  Towards the end of the draft, the reasoning became very creative.  My last pick was ranked 2,358!  It was, willingly and candidly admitted at the time, an emotional one, no rational arguments needed or provided.

As a new day begins I find myself reflecting on the expertise I witnessed around the table.  Trash talk, flashy, quiet, independent, and even one with a skype-co-manager participating privately from 12 time zones away.  The ultimate grading of our attempts in wise drafting will only be visible with time.  As I consider time, visibility, and wisdom, I am struck by the durability and enduring power found in Compassion, Caring and Community.  I see, look, and find myself responding with the Psalmist; “Parading your greatness, and the great things you do – God, you’re the one, there’s no one but you!”  (Psalm 86.10)

This year’s draft does not have enough history to accurately grade.  On the other hand, there is evidence of God written across the lives of multiple generations.  I can see Peace that comes with being in family and larger story.  Compassion stands tall, trumping justice!  Mercy is present, usually as Hope’s partner.

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