Daily Thoughts, September 11, 2015
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Looking Back

Today is election day.  With one party in power for 50 years, it is tempting to decide today because of yesterday.  For many, it is hard to see that far back!  While I remember defining moments, many of the mundane things that we accepted as the norm have long faded into long forgotten memories. When I pause to reflect over a photograph from the day, I remember the stinky Singapore river with its blue black sheen, stories of poor water quality in spots, and housing that reminded me of many parts of India.

I look out on tall apartments, contemporary office buildings, and signs of opulence.  The city is clean.  One can see signs of care through gardens, transportation, and quality of life.  You can walk anywhere without fear.  You look to friends, strangers, and police when you need a helping hand.  While there are exceptions, in general life is comfortable, secure, and positive.

In the midst of so much that is good, there is a fear that it will not always be this way.  What will the future bring?  Will opportunity and security always be here?

When I think of my own fears, at least I know I made it it to the moment at hand.  I look back and easily forget about the precarious edges in my journey.  When I remember, it is easy to turn to God, repeating the Psalm, “You’ve always been great toward me – what love! You snatched me from the brink of disaster!”  (Psalm 86.13)

My challenge is that I do not always remember.  I get caught up in the moment with fear dominating my thoughts.  I find myself holding three reminders.

Remember the good and learn from everything.  With lessons in hand, let go of yesterday.

As good or bad as yesterday was, as hope-filled or absent of hope as the future may be, the only thing we have is the moment at hand.  Embrace this reality is the first step to complete living.

Above all, know and act; it is always a good time to live!

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