Daily Thoughts, September 12, 2015
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No matter how smooth life has been, the reality of unexpected pain points can hit at any time.  Recently I received some bad news.  I have known for a long time that the possibility of “it” happening was there, but as I answered the text, messages, and voicemail all asking me to call, I realized nothing had prepared me for this moment. I was faced with doing something, knowing that there was going to be bad news when the call started.

I am not sure what advice I can give to anyone.  The usual suggestion to take one step at a time applies, yet something is missing.  I do know that it felt as if life had turned against me and that I was on my own.  Metaphorically, it was as if it was me against an unknown group in a dark alley.  I felt as if a scream was the best that I could muster – “God, these bullies have reared their heads! A gang of thugs is after me – and they don’t care a thing about you.” (Psalm 86.14)

On this occasion, I dialed, listened, and kept the news to myself.  While I checked in with family members, I carefully avoided talking aloud to others.  I do not know if this was healthy; I do know I did not want to talk more than I needed to about the news.

As I look back, I catch myself observing, remembering, and reminding myself.

Bad things happen to everyone.  Nobody more deserves anything bad in their life.  We are all part of the family and larger story.  In this story evil and good are at war.  We are children of this war.  Additionally, each life is touched by this war.

There are those that care.  We may not always see them or know that they are there, but they are.

If you can feel what is going on, then there is more to your story.  The dip is, in whatever form, part of who and what you are.  Embrace and grow.  There is more life.

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