Daily Thoughts, September 17, 2015
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Movie sets and building conservation rules share a common attribute; facades are often more important than what is inside. When one looks under the cover, there is nothing behind on a movie set except from the temporary support beams holding things in place.  In a building with great shop-house exteriors, it was obvious that the looks were only skin deep.  Everything behind the scenes was contemporary, new, and in my opinion, sterile.

As one considers the reasoning for we invest in sets and facades, the many different ways I try to do the same in my life begin to reveal themselves.  I hide my true priorities and values by acting the way others expect me to act.  I smile and respond gently, even as my emotions boil over inside.  Everything is shaped and formed to deliver a message, make a point, and lead others to a particular conclusion.

Ironically, the process rarely stops there.  I realize that I often hear what I want to hear instead of what is said.  I catch myself being edifices to the god that fits my imagination, not the God that offers to be part of my life.  Ignoring reality is often easier than facing it.

As I work on the construction of the edifice that is me, I find myself reflecting on the following.

Why am I building whatever it is that I am building?

Who am I doing it for?  For others or for myself?

Then the what comes into play; am I trying to reflect the highest values I hold close to my heart?

I look back and Life reminds me of the facades I constructed.  I am struck that the person most often believing in the facades is myself, even though I was the builder!  The mythology of my intent is echoed in the Psalmist’s observation of others handiwork that was similar to my own; “How God loves his home! Loves it far better than all the homes of Jacob put together!” (Psalm 87.2) There is still time for a real superstructure instead of the usual façade.

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